Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monkey + Seal wants these shirts!!!

So the other day on Etsy, Akumu Ink was featured in the highly inspiring "Quit Your Dayjob" blog posts. Besides being insanely jealous of all the "quit your dayjob" features, Monkey was especially green with envy on AkumuInk's awesome illustrations. Both Monkey + Seal are huge Edward Gorey fans, and AkumuInk captures a lot of what we love about Gorey's work. We especially love The Storm (Monkey's favorite) and Silver Cat (Seal's favorite) shown below. Check out their site for links to their blog/twitter, etc. Woot for awesome inspiring Etsiers!
The Storm
Silver Cat

Hopefully this will be enough for Monkey to get off his tail and to work on his top-secret screenprinting projects! Congrats Akumu Ink on the feature and keep up the good work!

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