Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Promo!

To kick off the weekend, Monkey + Seal is pleased to offer 15% off to all blog readers over the weekend! Buy anything between now and 11:59 PM PST at our Etsy shop and enter "PENGUIN" in the "Message to Seller" field and you'll get a Paypal refund for 10% of your pre-tax/pre-shipping purchase!

Samples of our fine wares include:

The ever populare Bad Date Zine Issue 2:

Seal's Swamp Treehouse print:

The award-winning "Delicatessen" illustration:

Monkey's squid print:

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Low on sleep

Due to crazy schedules, Monkey + Seal have been a bit low on sleep lately. However, we are depriving ourselves of sleep in order to have some amazing stuff for you come this holiday season.

Monkey is currently working on some holiday card designs, as well as organizing a brand-new craft show that we actually got sponsored by Etsy! If you are interested in participating, please contact Monkey at: info [at] Affordable table prices, an amazing venue, and much much more, we've got it all! Additionally, he's been hard at work doing some quick painting studies to sharpen the saw. Below is a quick scan of one of his 60 minute paintings.

Seal has been burning the midnight oil to come up with a whole slew of new illustrations. Currently she is working on a long (12" x 24") illustration of a modern fashion designer's studio - set in a lavish French interior.

We may have posted this before (the lack of sleep is getting to us), but we now have a fan page on facebook! Please fan us!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday fun+ Etsy wishlist

This Saturday Monkey + Seal had the pleasure of heading out to SPACE gallery on Polk to check out a gallery event put on by SIR, a cutting-edge Japanese-living-in-SF show. If anything, you need to check out their website to hear some awesome music that plays when you load their site. We were super lucky that Seal got handed a flyer by Lavit Sea, who was on hand to display a painting and do some on-the-spot watercolor portraits. Also, one of Monkey's friends AKANE was there with some cool abstract pieces. The drinks were also tasty (although not as strong as Monkey might have liked), and Monkey + Seal had a great time overall.

Earlier in the day, Monkey got the chance to make a quick trip out to the Center for the Book's Roadworks, where Megan from Aviary Press was one of the featured artists. She's starting a new line of letterpressed cards based on strange sea creatures like this Southern Bobtail Squid. Awesome stuff! Monkey also got to run into friends Dutch Door and New Lights! Yay!

Additionally, Monkey was browsing Etsy and found this little gem (shown above) in one of the treasuries. ATHD, the creator of the piece, also has some amazing (and expensive) other pieces of jewelry. If Monkey + Seal were into jewelry (we're sorta minimalist on the jewelry), and had the cash, we'd totally be down with some of her stuff.

Last but not least, Monkey will be working in a collaboration with another designer to do a new screen-printed poster based on typography. We're thinking it'll be one color, edition of 50, perhaps with some color variants thrown in for good measure. More details when we're closer to printing!