Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paper Hat Productions Website is now up!

Here is the official Paper Hat Productions "Out of Place" Gallery website. Check out our line up of amazing artists! While Monkey and Seal were working on the getting the artists together, we were thrilled to have noticed that everyone was coming from a unique perspective and interpretations of "out of place."

Click through each of the artist's page to find out more about them and get a sneak peek of their work and style.

For the March 12th Opening Night Extravaganza, we will be featuring an art team battle, pairing up artists who have never worked with each other before, may have different styles and approach, and asking them to come up with a spontaneous collaboration piece based on an audience-selected topic.

We are also very happy and excited to add Zaion as our talented DJ to the mix!

Without further a do, we will start to feature each individual artists in the coming days. First up, is Haruka.

"By using traditional method of printmaking such as woodcutting, I want the print to bring up the problems that we face as a global society and to show the meaning of cultural importance to the public. [ . . .] By showing intricate lines, . . . my idea is to face an inquiry of being lost in translation and to notify my generation of the stance we have to take in order to blend our past with our present while rediscovering our deeply rooted culture." - Haruka

You can find her official art blog here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Queen Doppolopolis

So, going along with the Facebook Doppledanger week (that has easily lasted more than a week), Monkey put up a picture of the Japanese actor Eita:


Now, Monkey has been told by numerous Japanese people that he looks like Eita, but he usually sports a pretty hefty (or at least, shaggy) beard, and Eita doesn't, so the comparison isn't so apparent to him. I mean, check out this dude's scruff: Monkey with beard

However, for a play reading for the San Francisco Playwright's Foundation, Monkey had to play a 16 year-old. So, he decided to shave off the scruff, and last night, for kicks, decided to see how well his face lined up with Eita's. The results are kind of creepy.
Rick (aka Monkey) sans the beard

RickEita = 50% Rick, 50% Eita

Weird, huh? I think Eita has a thicker neck, a more lazy left eye, ears that stick out a bit more, and a thinner nose, but the proportions are pretty similar. Weird. However, if you are a casting director and you need someone that looks like Eita, let Monkey know!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One of the funniest things I've ever seen

Monkey was in a "rough reading" of a play this week, and for one part he has to spontaneously burst into laughter for an extended period of time. So for research, he started looking up funny internet videos, and came up with this:

And that's all you need for a good laugh.