Friday, August 28, 2009

More Zine Fest Recaps

Monkey got his goofy face photographed along with other great tablers over at Monkey + Seal got pegged as being on the more commercial than not (although I guess we are), but it's cool that our table was part of the recap!

There are also some cool pics of the other exhibitors that we had met last year (like fellow Zine Fest organizer Aaron Cohick of New Lights Press) and new faces like Joseph of Dent Comics, Tom of Two Fine Chaps, and Sean of Ashcan Magazine.

Also, Seal's awesome illustration got featured on Eyedapop! blog. Check it out for a cool review of the piece and the nice bit of convo that went on between the author and Seal.

Lastly, the Bad Date Zine got a hit here way back in January. Yay!

Monkey + Seal also finally got a Flickr account, so you can check out their photostream at

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big news everyone!

Hello everyone!

So Monkey + Seal, after our success at the Zine Fest, has decided to step up our game a bit! We just finished a workshop page, so you can see all the different subjects that we'd be happy to teach.

Additionally, Monkey just finished up another (although tardy) illustration for Illustration Friday over at his personal blog Politics Art Culture, and if you pick up the newest issue of Hyphen Magazine, you'll find his illustration in there for an article on the Avatar:The Last Airbender movie.

Seal has also been hard at work, and she has uploaded some of her prints that were sold at the Zine Fest to our Etsy store! If you missed the chance to pick them up there, you can now do so online!

Thank you again for all the support! Now, it's time to make some art!

Monday, August 24, 2009

SF Zine Fest was Awesome!

We just wanted to give a quick (yet huge) THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the SF Zine Fest to make it such a overwhelming success! (Pics of the fest will hopefully be coming soon...please email us your photos of our booth if you have any!)

It was great to meet tons of new, awesome people, and we appreciate all the purchases and compliments on our work!

We also want to thank everyone that came out to the Hyphen panel that Seal moderated, Seal's Gouache painting demonstration, and the basic bookbinding workshop that Monkey co-instructed.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again at the Fest next year!

Until then, if you missed us at the Zine Fest, we just launched our Workshops page! Come check out the workshops/presentations that we're able to offer. We currently don't have a good space to hold these workshops in, but if you live in the Bay Area we are more than happy to come to you! Check it out here for all the info!