Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building Up Your Dream Team / Thank You!

Don't fight by yourself!

Being an artist can often seem like a solitary profession. Even when working as a team to say, produce a game or animate a short, a lot of time is spent by oneself actually producing the art.

We often tend to think that we're forging ahead alone, a lone commando typing away at our computer or painting in our studio. Especially if you work a dayjob, it's often work at the office, then come home and create by yourself.

However, as you begin to look to create more opportunities for yourself, there is a huge revelation that you must come upon if you hope to ever "make it" as a professional artist:

You cannot do it alone.

Plain and simple, no matter how skilled you are, if you forsake all help, you're not going to go too far in life. Whether it was your teachers who taught you how to paint, or your friend who listens to you after a bad day at work, or your partner who helps out with rent while you pursue a more financially-risky dream, you are not alone.

Quite frankly, it's impossible to go it alone. Even if you build an internet empire from scratch, it's the word of mouth referrals and the help of your fans that will eventually build you up. No brand is without it's buyers, and no empire is an empire without people supporting it.

The easiest way to build up your own dream team of supporters, friends, allies, and other people who will help take you to the top is to help them to the top. While we don't advocate giving more than you really can (or making false promises), supporting others when you can and doing your best to help others reach their goals is by far the way to do things.

The rule of thumb is to just be a good person that helps out their friends and is a caring, supportive teammate, partner, friend, coworker, co-ninja, etc. etc. That way, you'll find that your own team is more supportive, caring, and generally awesome, and then your combined efforts synergistically evolve into crazy things that you wouldn't have been able to achieve on your own.

We also understand that not everyone is going to be right for your team. There are tons of people who you won't connect with, or are too self-absorbed to ever consider giving back. But if you keep putting yourself out there and being supportive to others, you'll find that you'll connect with other like-minded people and your tribe will grow.

Additionally, make sure that you don't take what people give you for granted. Just because you helped someone out doesn't mean they're ever obligated to help you out in return, and you shouldn't operate under the mentality that you're giving so people owe you. Understand that you're giving because you want to support other cool artists, and in turn you'll naturally find others who want to support you because people like helping other cool people. We believe that most people are generally good, and if you show them a little love they'll show it right back.

When you're in an appreciative mindset, you'll not only be creating a positive energy for others, but you'll be creating a positive space for you too. Gratitude is contagious, and nothing is more empowering or awesome to see than a whole group of people working together, happy and thankful for each other making awesome stuff happen.

On that note, we know that we appreciate everyone who reads our blogs, and reposts our tweets, and follows us on facebook, and who has either bought or recommended our art to a friend, or has introduced us to their artist friends, or have come out to our gallery shows. So while this post was supposed to be primarily about how to build up your own support team, we just wanted to take time out to say "Thank You" to everyone who has supported us all these years. Whether you've been with us back while we were still in art school or are just joining us now, Thank you. Whether you lurk about on our website or post on the blog, whether you say hi at craft fairs or send us letters, thanks a million. We wouldn't be where we are without you, and we hope that you feel like we've got your back as well.

So while you're out there making friends and changing the world, we hope you aren't afraid to reach out to us for help along the way! Let's make our dreams come true together!