Saturday, October 17, 2009

Waaaah, we missed a post!

Hey everyone! Super sorry if you were looking for a post this Friday...kinda lame, but Monkey was off winning a $160 Chrome bag at Litquake's Underground Exposed zine retrospective (put on by none other than Sean Logic of Ashcan) and Seal is madly working on finishing her 3 illustrations that are due tomorrow. Wooo!

Anyway, if you're still up reading this, once again (I think we mentioned it earlier) Monkey will be selling our collection of zines as well as some of his screenprints (some never seen in the store yet!) at the Book Arts Jam today (Saturday) from 11am-4pm at the Academy of Art table. Yay!

Monkey hopes you stop by to say hello and we'll get back to the regular schedule of blog posting.

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jim dandy said...

good luck today! glad you are feeling better!