Friday, January 29, 2010

AOD tomorrow!

Woo! Yesterday, the last print of Panda Rage sold! Alas, the entire edition of 11 is gone and thanks to everyone (all 11 of you) who are proud owners of this print! The benefit of buying serigraphs (especially those in low edition sizes) is that you can now say you are only one of 11 people in the world to own this!

In more current news, here is another friendly reminder that we'll be exhibiting at the Animation on Display Expo at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco!

We'll have Seal's stop-motion puppet on display, and we'll be selling some brand-new stuff!

We'll also be skipping the process blog tomorrow as we'll have our paws and flippers full with the expo. We will, however, live blog the event (assuming a heavily-loaded wireless permits), so check back tomorrow for what it's like to table at an event like this!

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