Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is at the end of Dreams?

Sorry Monkey and Seal have been out with the flu this past couple of days. We're both fighting hard. Seal sees sickness as a sign to take things a little slower. Lately she has been feeling anxious about having to make art and be able to live off her art. But like any worthy dream, it takes a lot of work and time, but never at the cost of one's health or enjoyment of life.

Seal has recently come to the realization that her day job has been taking much too much time away from her art. She is taking this time to re-prioritize.

She came across this quote: "What is at the end of dreams?"

What happens when you have "succeeded in accomplishing what you have striving for all these years . . ." Seal wants to find out when she gets there, but she suspects, that there will just be more dreams. You will feel triumphant, . . . then you look for another adventure. So there never really is an end to dreams.

At this time, as Monkey and Seal are pushing past obstacles, working weary to the bones, to make their art dreams come true, someday they will look back upon it and say: "From the beginning, it could have been done. That was hard work, but it was worth it. What's next ?"


L.C.R said...

i don't know how I stumbled upon this. . I guess in a Facebook trance. . . but I think she is correct. . more dreams. Keep working, keep dreaming.

Ri.S.K. said...

Thanks for stopping by Lucy! I hope the teaching is awesome!