Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Junia y Andres

This weekend Monkey + Seal headed down to San Diego (Chula Vista, to be more appropriate) to attend the wedding of our friends Junia and Andres. Another super artistic couple (and creators of the currently-on-hiatus Popote card line), their wedding was so distinctly them, it was really amazing.
Between the centerpieces made out of books, hand-crocheted doilies, and hand-painted Munny dolls (seen above), to the giant balloons that were part of their invitations, to the unified signage on the snacks, the wedding was a DIY masterpiece.

We will most definitely be using some of their wedding elements as inspiration for our own, many-years-down-the-line-eventual wedding. Also, we must comment that the food was simply amazing. They had a nopales salad that was extremely kick-ass, and the ginger lemonade spiked with bourbon that they had during cocktail hour was delicious. Also, whatever tequila we had for the toast was one of the smoothest drinks we've ever had. Monkey could have most definitely just nursed a bottle of that tequila all night.

Anyway, best wishes to Junia and Andres (who are now on their honeymoon) on their new adventures as a married couple. Yay!

PS - Now that the wedding is over, you can focus on Popote again!


karin said...

thanks so much for posting pics from andres & junia's wedding. i fell in love with the perfect & so inspiring :)

Ri.S.K. said...

We're going to try and post even more pics up on facebook - these are just the ones I got from my phone. Thanks for stopping by, Karin!