Monday, June 7, 2010

Tons of web updates and press!

A few weeks ago Monkey was interviewed for a new blog highlighting Northern California called Northern Focus. It was a big honor to be the inaugural interview! You can check out the interview over at

Additionally, we relaunched a new format for our website We added a navigation bar, some new content, and more! It's also the soft launch of our new consulting for people who want to be more creative in their lives. We'd love to hear feedback on the site! Also, we'll be working to integrate this blog into the site itself, but that's a much larger project than what Monkey + Seal can handle for right now, but keep your eyes peeled - it's in the works!

Also, Seal has been working hard to teach herself a bit of html (Monkey currently does the coding for our site) so she's started by updating her art blog at Congrats Seal!

Thanks so much for growing with us, and we're always working to bring you better and better content, layout, etc. Anything special you'd like to see? Leave your suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

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