Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Your Brain of Clutter

Do you have unfinished projects? ideas? or unkept promises? Anytime we take on a project or a promise to deliver, we use up our temporary present memory to store "to-do lists" in our minds. These to-do lists continually remind us that there are things left to be done, and will not go away until we feel closure with a project. When we want to start a new project, suddenly we remember that we needed to edit that document, finish off that embroidery for grandma's birthday due a month ago, or frame that painting, etc. Not just art projects, but personal ones too, such as that pile of laundry, or unworn clothes you've been hoarding in the closet, or the drawing desk full of clutter. How can we invite new ideas in when we are full of clutter?

So dust off that unfinished novel drafts, baby scarf, or sketches you wanted to turn into murals. Commit to following through and finishing them. You'll feel pounds lighter and ready to take on new projects and plans for world domination.

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