Friday, September 3, 2010

SF Zine Fest this weekend!

Hey all, we just wanted to remind everyone that we'll be at the SF Zine Fest this weekend from 11-6 (both Saturday and Sunday) at the SF Country Fair Building in Golden Gate park.

There are a ton of really awesome creators signed up, and after looking through some of their websites and what not, we're really looking forward to checking it out! Additionally, Monkey is currently prepping for the two workshops he's teaching, and Seal is proud to announce that we will be selling our new postcards as well as our "You're Not Alone Anymore" narwhal x unicorn t-shirts! We just shipped out all the pre-order shirts today, and Monkey had quite the trip to the post office! Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered! If you missed the pre-order, don't fret, as the shirt is now up in our store!

As incentive to come to the Fest where we are unveiling our postcards, which are all collaborations between both of us, here's a photo of them! You've only seen cropped previews before, but here's the real deal.

These postcards are especially cool (at least in our mind) as they're the first series of collaborations that we've worked on. Monkey + Seal usually work on their own pieces, but we've decided to try to start working together more and this is the outcome! They will be priced affordably, and you can pick up all four of the series at a discounted rate! Stop by the table, check them out, and let us know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

so cool! wish i could be there this weekend. Have a great time & good luck:)