Friday, November 19, 2010

Follow Your Instincts

In today's crazy over-exposed media-saturated world, we generally have so many competing voices in our head, it's a bit difficult to follow your own natural instincts. However, listening to your essential self and figuring out what you really want or need to do is key in developing your artistic voice.

While at times we might force ourselves to paint or draw because we think that we need to constantly paint or draw in order to advance our craft, or because you have an illustration due, or a gallery show coming up, but if at all possible, you should try to create when you want.

Monkey deals with this often, as he constantly waits until the last minute to suddenly have a burst of creative energy (usually out of desperation) that will burn him out. He will put the business aspect of making art first, and then two nights before he has to hang he'll be up both nights painting non-stop. Monkey definitely wants to get over this, so he can be more sustainable and not have these do-or-die situations (that generally aren't that fatal in the first place).

Sometimes it'll be late at night, and you'll really want to paint. Follow your instinct! Get up and paint even if it's late at night, or you're tired, or whatever whatever. Alternatively, if you think you really should be painting, but you don't really feel creative, or you just aren't in the mood, don't! Take a break! You don't want your art to be that dreaded, boring, painful thing that you HAVE to do. Ideally, if you set up a regular routine and create on a schedule, eventually you'll have enough time where you can take breaks even if you have deadlines.

All in all, make sure you do what you have to do to get your work done, but make sure that you're in touch with your inner self and follow your instincts!

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