Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 is Your Year!

As 2010 comes to a close, Monkey and Seal would like to thank everyone for their readership, for supporting us as we grow, and for being with us on our creative journey. We'll be taking a holiday break and resuming blog posts on January 5th, 2011. In the meantime, we'd like to encourage everyone to take a reflective moment to think back on this year and start up the new year with a bang!

It's a good habit to access: think about what you did well, what could be improved upon, and what you hope and dream for the future. Are you living the creative life you were meant to and deserved to live? What were some of your artistic triumphs? What are concrete changes and steps you can make even now, to clear up more space and time for your art? and the dreams you had long since held and yet to manifest? If you were the person you were meant to be in the most ideal environment and person, what would you accomplish? Now how can you get there, with what you have?

Start as you are now. Wherever you are, with whatever you are feeling, and who you are now. Begin it now.

We are hesitant only because in the past we have broken so many resolutions and promises. That unfinished project, the unused clothes rotting away in the closet, that weight loss program we failed to stick to, that job we failed to go after. The mere thought of planning brings about shame and disappointments. But let us tell you a little secret: human beings since the beginning of time are biologically geared to inaction. It is natural to do nothing, rather than create, or exercise, or get up and do things. We like our cave, we survive in the cave. But this is all the more reason for why we need plans. We need resolution. We need re-commitments.

Make the choice right now, at this very moment to re-commit to an adventurous life.

The other secret to resolutions and planning, is that life is an ocean. As a navigator who charts your path in life, you constantly need to re-assess and adjust to the waves and changes in weather. Sure, you got off track with that "blank," (job, project, relationship, program, etc.) but simply, without any drama, get out your compass, find your course, and adjust your sails to put yourself back on track. The resolutions that fail are the ones that are rigid and unforgiving. It'd be easier to take small steps and allow for some slips, rather than charging and having an inflexible plan.

We know that taking action is scary - what if we fail? What if something goes amiss? Well, two things to keep in mind are 1)How bad can it really be if you fail, and 2)Failure is what success are born out of. Most empires aren't built on their first try. Rowland Hussey Macy (of Macy's the department store fame), started four stores which all failed before getting it right with what would eventually come to be a department store empire boasting over 800 stores across the nation. Even Abraham Lincoln ended up failing twice at a run for Senate before he managed to get elected as the President who would lead the country through the Civil War and oh, just completely end slavery in the United States.

Fear is natural and healthy (especially if you're being chased by wolverines), but as paralyzing as it can be at times, we need to learn to dissolve it and choose to take action. As much as we hope we inspire you with our blog and our workshops, we can't drag you out of your cave and make you create. We can't force you to apply for that job, or watch over you while you paint. All we can do is invite you to take the next step with us and commit to action. 2011 can be your year, so take hold of it and let's create something wonderful together!

Monkey + Seal are planning on bringing more guides, more workshops, and more cool stuff in 2011, and we'd like you to be right there along with us. So take a break (or two), spend some time with people you like, and we'll see you bright and early in the next year!


shirlsd said...

enjoyed mtg you at bazaar bizarre ... liking your blog, and i'm hoping my friend enjoys her "i'm beet" little original. happy holidays!

Monkey + Seal said...

We hope your friend enjoyed the painting too! Let us know how that goes! And thanks for stopping by to comment. We hope to see you around in 2011!