Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The $100 Startup

So for all you out there who are interested in starting up a business (art businesses count!), we wanted to share with you a new book that came out today called "The $100 Startup."

If you're not looking into taking hold of your life by the horns and working for yourself (like we always say, entrepreneurship is not for everyone), please feel free to just skip this and come back tomorrow for our usual art posts.

If you are interested in working for yourself, either as an freelance illustrator, or maybe a photographer, or any type of business where you are your own boss, definitely stick around and hear us out on this.

"The $100 Startup" is not the book for people who are content to sit around and think about their dreams, but is for people who are actively looking to get up and do something about it.  If you're long-time readers of the blog, you know that it's all about hustle-hustle-hustle, and the book has a whole chapter (Chapter 9) on hustling, or as Chris defines it: "building interest and attracting attention."

Filled with case studies of others entrepreneurs who all make at least $50k a year from their small businesses, this book gives you the blueprint to start your own little company based on something you love.  The first part of the book examines the lean and mean $100 startup business model, and also leads you through how and why you might want to start up your own (side) business.

The second part of the book talks about the basics behind launching a product, marketing, getting your stuff out there, unconventional fundraising, and one-page business plans.  Lots of good stuff here to get you up and running.

The third section of the book is about expanding (or choosing not to), leveraging your existing resources, and talks about what to think about for the long haul.  Throughout all the sections, Chris intersperses advice with the case studies I mentioned earlier.  

While I wish there was a bit more specific advice and less storytelling, I do realize that specific advice for me doesn't apply to everyone, and vice versa.  Chris did the best job of straddling that fine line between sharing what worked for others and what might work for you.  Also, as someone who has read a lot of online marketing material and bought courses, this book didn't offer many mid-tier/higher level advice, but then again, that's not who this is for. 

This book is for people who haven't taken that first step towards becoming entrepreneurs, and want to learn more about the process before they dive right in.  I think this would also be great for any college-age students who are getting a bit disenchanted with the job market out there right now.

Overall it's a lot of information Chris has shared in his premium Empire-Building-Kit, but if you want a distilled, no-frills version of his $149+ premium course for a budget price, this book is the way to go.

Head on over to read more about Chris or to buy the book or to buy any of his other hand guides here.  

Full disclosure: we got a free copy of this book from Chris, and we're also part of his affiliate program, but that's only because his stuff is really good and Monkey has bought almost all of his products.

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