Friday, August 28, 2009

More Zine Fest Recaps

Monkey got his goofy face photographed along with other great tablers over at Monkey + Seal got pegged as being on the more commercial than not (although I guess we are), but it's cool that our table was part of the recap!

There are also some cool pics of the other exhibitors that we had met last year (like fellow Zine Fest organizer Aaron Cohick of New Lights Press) and new faces like Joseph of Dent Comics, Tom of Two Fine Chaps, and Sean of Ashcan Magazine.

Also, Seal's awesome illustration got featured on Eyedapop! blog. Check it out for a cool review of the piece and the nice bit of convo that went on between the author and Seal.

Lastly, the Bad Date Zine got a hit here way back in January. Yay!

Monkey + Seal also finally got a Flickr account, so you can check out their photostream at

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