Friday, February 12, 2010

Queen Doppolopolis

So, going along with the Facebook Doppledanger week (that has easily lasted more than a week), Monkey put up a picture of the Japanese actor Eita:


Now, Monkey has been told by numerous Japanese people that he looks like Eita, but he usually sports a pretty hefty (or at least, shaggy) beard, and Eita doesn't, so the comparison isn't so apparent to him. I mean, check out this dude's scruff: Monkey with beard

However, for a play reading for the San Francisco Playwright's Foundation, Monkey had to play a 16 year-old. So, he decided to shave off the scruff, and last night, for kicks, decided to see how well his face lined up with Eita's. The results are kind of creepy.
Rick (aka Monkey) sans the beard

RickEita = 50% Rick, 50% Eita

Weird, huh? I think Eita has a thicker neck, a more lazy left eye, ears that stick out a bit more, and a thinner nose, but the proportions are pretty similar. Weird. However, if you are a casting director and you need someone that looks like Eita, let Monkey know!

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