Friday, March 26, 2010

Weddings here we come!

The obligatory photo stolen from the internet that happens to be from a really rad cake shop

Yay, so Monkey + Seal have a two spring weddings they've been invited to, and Monkey is even getting to design one set! Yay!

If you didn't know, while not pursing a career as a fine artist and illustrator, Monkey works in the wedding invitation industry selling wedding invitations. He's worked with a lot of different design studios (directly and indirectly), and has seen a lot of different invitations in his day, which makes him a tough critic and a bit of a paper snob at times.
Additionally, Monkey runs Little Yeti, a custom design studio (although he's working to turn it into a wedding invitation consulting gig in the near future).
As we're really in the midst of wedding season, Monkey convinced Seal to let him do a whole slew of wedding invitation company reviews next week, so if you're looking for more info, make sure you check out the blog all next week! Woo woo!

PS - If you're ever interested in getting wedding invitations printed that have monsters, zombies, or robots, Little Yeti wants to design your invites! Please! Let him!

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