Monday, March 22, 2010

Zine Fest registration now open!

So Monkey + Seal took a little break yesterday to take down the Out of Place show, meet with buyers, hand off pieces, etc., etc.

All in all, we are definitely feeling good, but gosh, are we beat! Sometimes, we're not sure how we manage to work a combined 85+ hours a week (working retail, at that), plus manage to work on our art, keep our apartment tidy (well, I guess we don't do that), and make time for ourselves, but we just keep reminding ourselves that we're working to follow our dreams and that's that.

Monkey + Seal are looking forward for lots more to come in terms of new art, new events (via Paper Hat Productions), and new products. Thanks for all the support and we'll keep on following the dream!

PS - Monkey + Seal are proud to be part of the SF Zine Fest organizing team! We're always looking for new volunteers, and registration has just opened!

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