Friday, January 28, 2011

Still Small? That's Okay.

As Seth Godin pointed out a week or so ago, when Google first launched, it was in obscurity. It didn't make the New York Times until a year after, and it was basically just a sideline. Now, they are synonymous with "online searching" and every product they release makes headlines.

Many times we aspire for that "big moment" where we make headlines and shoot into international stardom. However, everyone has to start somewhere. Many other of the largest internet companies (ie. Paypal, eBay, etc.) all launched in the shadows before becoming household names.

The thing is that if you focus on the big splash and making huge waves out of the gates, that's what you'll be focused on. Instead, if you slowly build your name consistently and with a high degree of awesomeness (measured by quality and work ethic, if you were wondering), people will come to know you as substance over flash and bang and you'll be the ones to outlast all the trend-followers.

We can often get impatient, as it can take years to finally build up your name. But if you're following your dream and doing your best, with a lot of hard work and a little luck, you'll make it.

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