Monday, January 24, 2011

Hold Your Head Up High

When you are facing a tough problem, the first instinct is to bury your head in the sand. Like an ostrich, it's a lot easier to just keep trying to hide from your problems and hope that they go away. However, it usually just ends up making the problem worse.

It's been a tough day over here at Monkey + Seal. We'll spare you the details, but a culmination of a lot of stuff has been building up, and we've been doing our best to sort of ignore some issues. It is never easy, but making tough calls and facing your problems head on usually end up working out.

We know it's gut-wrenching, and your throat gets dry, and all the negative voices and self-criticisms in your head start shouting, and it's just a huge crap-tacular wave of emotions, but every time you keep your head up high and stand up for yourself, it'll get easier.

That first step towards wresting control over your own destiny away from fate and back into your own hands (although was it ever really not in your own hands?) is a big one. But by taking that step, you'll find that each next step is easier and easier. If that step seems too insurmountable, let loose a battle cry! Turn up some fight music to get yourself motivated. Get something to act as a sword to wave around before you're ready to go. Or heck, go mediate and quiet your mind, or do some yoga and clear your thoughts. Whatever works to get you to remember that no one controls your future besides you.

So keep your head up high and face whatever might be troubling you head on. Yosha!!!!!

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