Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear Artist, Say "Yes" to Life

When Winter turns to Spring

Say "yes" to life.

The life of an artist can be long and arduous. Are you prepared? It can be discouraging at times, because the odds are often stacked against you. But for a moment, let's not think rationally. Let's be wild and dream the "impossible."

So you live. You breathe. You eat. You go to work. But what sustains you on the inside when all else falls away? Although we live, most of us had not said "yes" to life. With all it's pain, struggles, heartaches, and triumphs.

It seems that at every craft show, Seal encounters an artist, who had "given up on being an artist." "Isn't it hard?" they would ask, "isn't it painful?" Deep in my heart, I want to ask them, "Isn't it painful NOT to make art?" Who would be happy throwing away their dreams? I see their eyes full of past regrets and potential for what could be. "It's never too late," I counter, searching their eyes. For a moment, they glimmer with hope and they look twenty times younger. This is the moment between life and death. I watch quietly. They are tormented on the balance. They weigh the odds. Unfortunately, most people resign and the tiny flame I saw was quickly self-extinguished. But thankfully for some, although it is hard . . . they say "yes" to life.

I don't think anyone could ever forget their dreams. Even the people I met, they were there at the craft show for a reason. Their love of art pulled them towards other artists, even though they claimed to have abandon their dreams.

Dear Artist, Although you have lost so much, as long as you never abandon your dreams, it is never too late. Though it is hard and at times discouraging, though it is painful, you can still reach out for them, even now. Though it should already be enough, and you have done so much, and though you are tired, say "yes!" To live. To create.

The answer is to concentrate on what you can do in front of you.

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