Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Logic Doesn't Matter

I was over at Chris Guillebeau's blog reading his latest post and he mentions that while traveling, not everyone's logic works the same way. This insight has led us to write a 2-part series on logic. This is the first one, stay tuned for Wednesday's post for the next part!

While the idea of logic is that it is based on facts and universal truths, Chris brings up an interesting and important point - logic is based on subjective truths and facts that are available. What we mean by this is that although some choices may seem obvious and clear and logical to outsiders, often the facts aren't so clear.

If you're an artist, or even a closeted artist, chances are you burn with the desire to create. Whether that is creating a painting, an expression through dance, or a new melody, there is that itch in the base of your brain that is telling you to make something. We would guess that most "non-artists" are all actually closeted artists in some sense or another - some have buried that inner artist so deep they'll never find them again, and others are artists in manners that most people don't get, like creating an art out of using Excel, or being a financial forecasting wizard. If you're creating with your soul behind it, you're an artist.

This is our idealistic view on the world. However, many people who don't believe themselves to be artists (whether or not they actually are is beside the point), will often tell you that your art is just a hobby, or maybe they told you it wasn't any good, or maybe they just ignored it. Either way, because art isn't valued nearly enough as it should, people often try to tear down our dreams.

They tell us that only a very small percentage of artists actually can live off their art. They reinforce the stereotype of the starving artist. They tell us to "get a real job." Why? Because in their mind, it's the only logical way of dealing with this.

If you have not embraced your inner artist, it makes logical sense to base your life off what is going to provide you with food and shelter. If you have high student loans, it makes sense to try and get a high-paying job. If you can get a job as an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer, or anything that pays well, it makes logical sense to keep the job because it pays well, and money (for good or for bad) is what provides us with food and shelter (and other cool stuff like computers, paint, brushes, canvas, etc. etc.). However, if you have not embraced your inner artist, you don't take into the consideration the burning desire to follow your artistic vision and that need to create.

As an artist, even though it may seem risky, it may seem stupid, it may seem illogical, chasing your dreams is almost as vital as food or shelter. The burning desire to do something more than just survive and consume, but to actually create - this is a need that cannot go unfulfilled.

That's why in some ways, it may seem illogical to be an artist. It may seem illogical to try and make it as a painter, or as a musician, or a dancer, or a photographer, or whatever, but if you feel that inner fire that calls out to you and shouts "CREATE" - then all you can do is listen and create.

Stay tuned for Wednesday's post on why logic does matter.

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