Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Learn to Achieve Your Dreams in One Easy Step

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Many people are interested in finding the one magic bullet that will suddenly catapult them into fame overnight. Some people decide to try to make the next viral video and somehow monetize that. Others might be working on the next big e-book, or the next Batman, or the next facebook.

We all want the good life. We want to be able to not worry about our finances, our love life, our careers, our families. Often times it's easy to misinterpret things like The Secret to mean that all we have to do is think about something that'll solve all our problems (lotto tickets anyone?) and magically it shall happen.

Work is hard. Doing the hard work that'll take you from being an amateur to a professional is not easy, nor can you complete it quickly. Hopefully the path to become an artist who can live off their craft is fun and exciting, but often times business things (taxes, inventory, remembering to submit to annuals in time or to apply for that big craft fair, etc) can bog you down. Between marketing, networking, updating your blog and website, when do you even have time to make your art? It's true: the path to getting paid to make art is not necessarily a quick and easy thing.

But who wants to be patient? We want stuff NOW. Why do you think we pay for overnight delivery? Why do we still go to the store as opposed to just ordering everything online? Because we want it right now, in our hot little hands. And thus we want the "get-rich-and-famous" overnight formula.

So, after years and years of hard work, Monkey has come across the perfect solution to making all your dreams come true, in one, simple, easy step. Ready for it? Here it comes.

The secret to achieving your dream, in one simple step is: Change your dream to something you've already accomplished.

Easy peasy lemon breezy.

It's no get-rich-quick scheme (I guess for that, you can always mug people walking around a richy-rich area and hope they have cash), but it will make achieving your dreams easier.

So if you want to reach your dreams as they are now, unfortunately, the easiest way to get there is to bust your little behind and work as hard as you can. Sure, there's lot of other tactics and other tricks and stuff (lots of what we've talked about before), but the easiest one is to just do the work. It's not exactly the most glamorous idea, or something you've never heard before, but it's the truth.

I was reading an issue of Juxtapoz (not sure what month it was), but the artist was being asked "how does it fell to be an overnight success?" The artist responded with something like "Well, if you consider 15 years of work 'overnight...'). Basically, you may have to be patient.

So we know its not easy to constantly work and work and work and keep on practicing and practicing and practicing, but it's what is needed. You want the real magic bullet that will make all the work go away? Learn to make the work fun. If you enjoy yourself, then it's not really work. Find the challenge or the value in doing the mundane. Need to learn animal anatomy for a project? Delve into the material and find something about it that interests you. Anything can be fun if you just let it be fun. The biggest obstacle keeping you from your success is you, so learn how to enjoy the work you've got and it'll be done before you know it.

Also, please don't mug people. It's not cool.

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