Sunday, January 31, 2010

AOD Live Blogging: Day 2

5:26pm - Aaaand, we're done! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, bought some stuff, or offered moral support (or let us borrow your car). Thanks and we hope you had a great time!

5:12pm - We just had one last sale! We're waiting three more minutes to start taking down, so you have 3 minutes to get over here and buy our stuff!

4:59pm - Cosplayers are starting to put their jeans and such back on. Tables are taking down, and it seems the festival is wrapping up. We will probably start taking down soon, but we'll do it veeery sloooooowly to hopefully catch those last few sales.

4:49pm - Monkey's exhaustion/ end-of-the-festival madness is starting to come out. He's starting to sing incoherent made-up songs.

4:29pm - The con is winding down and save for a few friends stopping by, the alley has been pretty empty. We're hoping that when the Dealer's Hall closes at 5pm, we'll get a flood of people coming down, so we're planning on closing up at 5:30pm.

1:44pm - Some of the more elaborate costumes we've seen:

1:23pm - Saw Mugen from Samurai Champloo and Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

12:59pm - photos of some of the other artists' alley booths:

Monkey nerding out.

12:49pm - Seal just got caught up in a conversation where someone felt like $35 for a day-long sculpture class from the concept artist/sculptor for the STAR WARS films was too expensive. Seal and Monkey both come from very humble beginnings, so we understand what it's like to not have a lot of money, but seriously? $35 is dirt cheap for a class of that caliber. Le sigh.

12:00pm - After eating brunch, we've settled into our chairs--maybe for another 5 hours or so. We finally got a picture of the elusive Totoro. After checking out all the other artists, Seal and I (Monkey) have decided that there are some amazing artists here, and its a bit ridiculous that they are selling their prints for so little. Although our price point is probably too high for most kids, I figure that we shouldn't be lowering our prices, but that other people need to raise theirs. Artists deserve to be paid for their work, talent, and time.

10:52am - So we arrived a bit late, and after driving around parking the car, Monkey returned to see Seal selling a tie! Hopefully all the younger attendees eyeing our merch will return with parental monetary units in tow. The expo is still pretty empty, but some of the returnees have changed their costumes. Surprisingly, we saw our first Battle Royale student just a second ago.

9:13am - It was rough waking up as we were both so exhausted from yesterday (when do you ever hear us going to bed before 11pm???), but we're both up and getting ready to head back over to the Kabuki Hotel. In the spirit of Cosplay, Monkey will be wearing Seal's non-prescription glasses to nerdify a bit.

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