Friday, February 5, 2010

Monkey and Seal is curating a Gallery Show!

We're curating a gallery show!

Opening Night Art Riot Extravaganza: March 12 at SPACE Gallery
  • 8p-whenever
  • Featuring 10 emerging San Francisco based artists
  • Live Art Battle
  • Live Painting
  • Live DJ
  • Top of the line, Comedy Improv Troupe: Hobofish
  • Vegan Baked goods by Black Orchid
  • Edgy drinks by SPACE Gallery
  • chance to win one-of-kind, original art, just by coming out to drink with us!
Monkey and Seal are both busy with their furry paws and fins. We will try to update you on our process, so you can get an insight into the minds of curating -- what will become one of the biggest art riot extravaganza events ever!

Currently, Monkey is working on the official website and Seal is working on a logo. They are projecting to go live by Saturday morning.

We're so excited to feature the awesome comedy improv troupe -- Hobofish. If you haven't seen their live performance, it's a once in a lifetime treat. We're in the process of booking a DJ. A couple of promising prospects. We'd like to do a shout out to a talented DJ: Zaion. The music and the photography on his website is absolutely serene!

In the next couple of weeks, we will be featuring the different artists and events! Stay tuned for more.