Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Currently . . .

Now that the Animation on Display convention is over, Monkey and Seal met up with some talented artists Sunday night. They also rested and watched an old favorite, The Dark Crystal. M&S were little pups when they last saw this movie. Seal is a fan of Brian Froud's watercolor & colored pencil illustrations.

Illustration by Brian Froud

She enjoys the monochromatic sepia and would like to experiment with similar techniques in her next illustrations. On another note, Monkey & Seal both submitted their work to Spectrum, one of the best contemporary fantastic art book within the artist circle. We hope to hear back in April.

In the meantime, Monkey just finished two wedding invites last night. Seal is working on a logo. And they are both working hard for their next show in February.

Typical M & S daily schedule:
Work 11-8pm
Dinner and decompression 8-9:30pm
Art work from 10-2/4am sometimes 6am.

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