Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paper Hat Productions Features: Monkey + Seal

Only 2 days left until the Out of Place Art Riot Extravaganza!

As the curators and participants in the upcoming Out of Place group show, it's time to feature: Monkey + Seal :P

First off is the ever talented Eve Skylar (aka Seal) who is an amazing painter/concept artist/illustrator who is 50% of the Paper Hat Production team.

Hailing originally from Long Beach, California, this feisty artist cites classic literature, contemporary Japanese environment artists, and social issues as her inspiration.

Using extensive reference and research, Seal meticulously paints her captivating backgrounds, often with a sense of mystery and loneliness. She'll be the first to tell you that her paintings (along with research) have taken upwards of 50 hours to complete, but all that time is definitely worth it!

The other 50% of Paper Hat Productions is Rick Kitagawa (aka Monkey), who is an painter and illustrator that looks to pop culture, internet memes, and issues that affect the Asian American population as inspiration for his often humorous critiques on life.

Examining the interplay between text and image, Rick often enjoys giving a voice to the subjects of his paintings, whether it be inanimate objects, mythical creatures, or figures who are sometimes obviously upset with the way they are painted.

Additionally, as a printmaker, Rick enjoys exploring different mediums, and his combination of screenprinting with interactive sculpture will be on display at the gallery.

We'll see you in a few days!

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