Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Logic Does Matter

If you missed the post on Monday about logic, please check it out here. After you've caught up, or if you simply are someone who like logic, please read on:

As an artist, we are often bombarded by the urges to do what is logical and obvious to people who are not artists. The world, as a whole, doesn't encourage artists, it doesn't (really) encourage following your dreams, and it sure as heck doesn't encourage artists following their dreams. By all "normal" standards, following your artist dreams isn't logical - it's pretty stupid, or at least that's how it used to be.

You see, it made "logical" sense to stay at some job you were probably lukewarm about (at best), for 30-40 years, because once you retire, your company will take care of you. It's easy street in retirement, with your pension taking care of you and your 401k making life fun. No longer. Large companies don't care about their employees and smaller companies might not last. Besides making yourself indispensable for your company's success, there is no such thing as job security.

Our economy is not what it was, and with a growing number of graduates with Bachelor's degrees, jobs are more and more competitive. There are no guarantees anymore, and it makes people crazy. Especially people who are from the time where life was a little bit simpler, and hardwork, determination, and drive were the only things that you needed to get by. Now, not only do you have to work hard, be determined, and feel that inner drive, you also need to be passionate, creative, and remarkable. Yet, people still think that the traditional way of doing things is what is logical. Ridiculous, we say.

If your parents want you to become a lawyer or a doctor because these professions were in high regard (ie they paid well), that's no longer the case, unfortunately. There are tons of lawyers and doctors who are finding it's suddenly hard to find employment. So then if there is no real security, if there is no real sure-fire way to make it, why not follow your dreams and pursue what you really love? In our mind, that's the only logical choice to make.

Now we're not saying that you should quit your day job tomorrow and go off and be an artist full-time. What we are saying is that you need to cherish your art. Cherish that inner drive and the burn to create. Make a plan to slowly create income from your art before you quit that job that drives you crazy. Do things logically - do research, create a plan, create a back-up plan, and then go follow your dream.

We tend to think that you have to either follow your head or your heart. We think that when you can strike that perfect balance between the two that the real magic begins. What wonders are you going to create today?

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